January 21, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Unity Church of Jacksonville
634 Lomax St, Jacksonville, FL 32204

I teach seminars on How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams! Although there are lots of people who are promoting the value of intentions, I take a different position from most. I have found that letting go of the intentions is the best way to really utilize the Quantum Force that created this whole universe. When we want something we are attracting lack because we do not have what we want.

So by ‘getting out of the way’ we then align our-self with divine intelligence/love allowing our own wisdom to shine fully supported by the force of nature. What I teach works as my peer-reviewed research proves that letting go of intentions actually is the secret behind the success we had reducing not only crimes but also auto accidents and even suicides! This idea aligns perfectly with the Unity Prayer which always ends with “for the Highest Good” which is a kind of letting go!

Course fee is $49 for both days or $39 for one day.