Unity JacksonvilleUnity Church of Jacksonville is a spiritual community and family. Our church building on Lomax Street was officially blessed and dedicated in 1950, but our community began long before that. Our church continues to evolve and grow, while in many ways remaining the same. We have always welcomed anyone who felt called to join us in the discovery of Truth and in the practice of Love. We continue to be a God-centered church based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, yet we also realize that God is understood and expressed in different ways. We honor diversity of spiritual thought as well as diversity in people. We see each of us as a child of God and as unlimited in potential. We see each of us guided not by uniform doctrines and dogmas, but by the light of God shining in our own hearts and minds.

Like all Unity churches, Unity Church of Jacksonville is completely supported and maintained by the love and contributions of its members. Our church’s finances and vision are governed by a Board of Directors, made up of church members who are elected by the congregation. We are a tithing church, meaning that each month our Board takes 10% of the church’s income and shares it with organizations and people who spiritually feed us. We hold as true that we are blessed and made prosperous by and through our Oneness with God.

A volunteer group made up of church members and the Board joined to create  Mission and a Vision Statements, as well as identifying our Core Values in order to clarify who we are in Community. We are all of these and more.

Unity JacksonvilleOur Mission Statement

We express the transforming power of the Christ within through spiritual practice, loving community, and inspired service.

Our Vision for the World

Centered in God’s Light, we inspire a spiritually awakened World.

Our Core Values

Unity Jacksonville Sanctuary

Truth Centered

We embrace and teach youth and adults the transformative application of Universal Truth Principles as taught and demonstrated by our Way-Shower, Jesus Christ.

Spirit Led

We align with Divine Mind through the activities of prayer and meditation to experience a greater awareness of the presence of God.


Reaching out in fellowship, we welcome, uplift, and serve others in a Sacred environment dedicated to the support of the spiritual unfoldment of all.


We demonstrate personal responsibility as co-creators with God. We think, speak, and act authentically in the Spirit of Love.


We recognize God as our Source, and in gratitude affirm that we are receptive and generous channels for the flow of unlimited Good.