Energy Healing Sessions

Available every Sunday in the Peace Prayer Chapel by our trained energy healing practitioners after our regular Sunday Service concludes.

Unity’s History of Healing

Unity came into being because of co-founder Myrtle Fillmore’s successful spiritual healing of herself of tuberculosis with her prayer associates.  It was Charles Fillmore’s curiosity about the cause of her successful spiritual healing which led him to research major religious traditions of the world resulting in his and Myrtle’s formulation of the teachings of Unity.  In those early days of Unity (late 1800’s), the primary focus of Myrtle’s healing circles was on physical and psychological healing of those who came to her after hearing of her success.

Through the 125-plus years since its founding, Unity has continued its healing tradition through prayer circles, healing energy circles, and other programs.   Most of these approaches have been based upon the principle that healing occurs first in consciousness, then in the physical form.

Healing is foundational to the Unity Movement

Healing is foundational to the Unity Movement

Healing Ministry

Healing through the laying on of hands is a familiar intervention to many people through their family heritage, faith tradition, or cultural belief systems. Our trained Energy Healers continue the healing tradition today in our church. The key principle of Unity’s Energy Healing practice is that each of us was born to be healthy.  Our “dis-ease” or other life issues come from restrictions in the free flow of our life energy which is always available from our Source, God.

Our Team is trained in Reiki and other healing energy arts. This is a holistic healing process that is performed by touch and near-touch that enlightens spiritual energies. Our Energy Healers are: Rev. Tina Neas, Leader; Patricia Ciarloni; Violet Parker; Elizabeth Alexander; Shirley Roos; Cassia Burdick; Joe Keich; and Lynn Newkirk.